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Board of Education

6. Open as an academy

What actions you should take in the first few months after your school opens as an academy.

First payment

EFA will send you a welcome letter and information pack once you have finished the conversion process. The pack will outline the steps you must complete within your first few months of opening.

Your project lead will confirm the date on which EFA will send your academy it first payment. Contact EFA if you don’t receive your first payment on time.

Submit your support grant expenditure certificate

Your chair of governors should fill in the academy financial support grant expenditure certificate and send it to your project lead.

This certificate confirms how much of the support grant you have spent on converting, and whether you are carrying a portion of the grant over into your academy’s budget.

Funding agreement

You should publish your final funding agreement on your academy’s website.

Land and buildings valuation

The EFA want you to complete your academy’s land and buildings valuation within 6 weeks of converting. Unfortunately the current online form does not accommodate Church schools with a church supplemental agreement so you are advised to wait until the National Society and the EFA reach an agreement on this.

Guidance on completing your land and buildings form is available.

Support after conversion

Once you have opened as an academy, EFA will be responsible for allocating your funding and answering any questions you may have about running your academy. They will also make sure you comply with your funding agreement and the ‘Academies financial handbook’.

Email EFA if you need more information or advice after you have converted:academy.questions@education.gsi.gov.ukundefined.

Questions about teaching schools and leaders of education

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) helps schools, including academies, get in touch with national and local leaders of education.

You can contact NCTL for more information.

Peer-to-peer networks

You may also want to seek advice from peer-to-peer networks, such as:

  • Freedom and Autonomy for Schools - National Association (FASNA)
  • The Schools Network (SSAT)
  • National Association of School Business Management (NASBM)

 Academy Application Process