Multi Academy Trust

VCA group of schools run by a single academy trust.

Multi Academy Trusts provide a structure for allowing academies to work together and works in a similar way to a hard federation. The Academy Trust manages more than one school each of which can have a separate governing body but the funding agreement for all the schools is held by the Trust.

Diocesan Multi Academy Model

The Diocese has set up an Academy Trust, The Diocese of Chelmsford Vine Schools Trust (Vine). These MATs have a board of directors appoInted by The Chelmsford Diocese Educational Trust, whIch is one of the four Members together with The Chair of the DBE and the Diocesan Director of Education and the chair of the MAT.

Both trusts contain a mixture of schools both former VA and VC schols, each of which is run by its own local governing body, with powers delegated to it by the MAT boards through a shceme of delegation'. The more successful the school is, the more autonomy is delegated to the local governing body.

The Diocese wants good and outstanding schools to carry on their good practice and ensures that they operate within the trust with minimal day to day direction from the trust. There are certain things that have to be consistent across the MATs because each MAT exists as a single legal entity.  Examples of consistency of approach within the MATs includes financial software, half termly school improvement visits, headteacher reports to Local Governing Bodies in a common format   The MATs work to form a self-supporting group of schools that share good practice, maximise development opportunities for staff,  provide succession planning and deliver the best possible education for the pupils within a supportine Christian ethos.

Community schools are able to join a Diocesan MAT and their non-church character is protected by legislation.

Voluntary Aided Model

Two or more VA schools can join together under a Multi Academy Trust set up with a Member from CDET and an appropriate combination of PCC representatives, Incumbents and Chairs of Governors from each school. This could become unwieldy unless carefully managed.

VC and community schools can join a trust of this type and their character is protected by legislation.

Voluntary Controlled Model

In the case of VC schools a similar Membership would have to be agreed maintaining the Church’s 25% representation.

Community schools can join this model but VA schools can't.

Sponsored Academies

Most sponsored academies are part of Multi Academy Trusts where the sponsor controls the Trust and the school governors are appointed to run the school (similar to a Maintained School under a Local Authority).

VA and VC schools can only join such a trust if it has an appropriate make up for the type of school.