Central Courses

Training is an absolute must for any serving governor. You are strongly advised to undertake a range of courses provided by your Local Authority and/or our online course.

As a governor of a Church School it is also important to develop an understanding of the Christian nature of the school. Learning how that impacts on the role, work and outcomes of governance will enable you to become more effective.

During 2015/16 courses will be held in the Diocese to equip you or to help develop you as a governor of a Church School. All governors (including Heads and staff governors) are entitled to attend. It is especially valuable when a group of governors from a school or cluster of schools attend.

Check out the Diocese ‘Learning and Development Programme’

The specific courses for governance are:

  • Servant Leadership in Church School Governance
  • Inhabiting Governance Distinctively
  • School Leaders Conference
  • Practical Guidance, Planning and Preparation for SIAMS