RE Update March 2018

RE Curriculum Balance

During this academic year 2017-18 schools have been developing their RE curriculum plans to ensure a clear understanding of the enquiry based learning in RE (Engage – Enquire – Explore – Evaluate – Express) and incorporate the resource ‘Understanding Christianity – Text Impact Connections’ if accredited training has been completed.

Currently we are engaging with RE Networks and individual schools to discuss different curriculum plans to support a broad and balanced curriculum that will ‘help children and young people hold a balanced and informed conversations about religion and belief’ considering the disciplines of Theology, Philosophy and Human/ Social Science.

If you would like to share your curriculum plans and engage further in the conversation please contact us.

RE Networks

A number of networks are in place across the Diocese and further information can be obtained from reverett@chelmsford.anglican.org Dates for Summer Term and next academic year are being arranged with minimal cost to schools.

Springs Dance Company is a vibrant contemporary dance organisation bringing creative and engaging dance to schools. They create, perform, teach and discuss; using inspiring and challenging stories to make excellent dance that is relevant and life enhancing for everyone. The Easter Project offers thought-provoking workshops which provide a fresh way to engage young people with the Easter Story. Magic Paintbrush Workshops give young audiences the chance to explore the story for themselves. Further information from www.springsdancecompany.org.uk

Understanding Christianity – Text Impact Connections
Following the success of previous training for the resource ‘Understanding Christianity’ to support delivery of Christianity teaching in all schools we are pleased to offer new training dates with priority to schools who have not yet accessed this resource.
The resource supports pupils in developing their understanding of Christianity as a contribution to their understanding of the work and their own experience within it.

It does this by integrating pupils’ developing understanding of significant theological concepts in Christianity with their own self-understanding and understanding of the world as part of their wider religious literacy.

Examples of some work from schools using the resource are shared below.

Raising questions from analysis of Biblical text.

The Big Story of the Bible
Schools have commented how the resource enables all (staff and pupils) to engage in conversation, increase pupil participation, develop higher order thinking skills, support subject knowledge and raise the quality of teaching of Christianity whether schools are using the Locally Agreed Syllabus or the Diocesan Syllabus.

Dates – both days need to be completed to receive the electronic access code to the web-based materials.
14th June 2018   9.30 start – 4.30pm
27th September 2018 9.30 start – 4.30pm
At the Diocesan Office in Chelmsford

Cost including the resource and training package will be £350 + VAT for all schools.

If you are already using the resource but are interested in training new subject leaders / staff please contact reverett@chelmsford.anglican.org to discuss requirements.

Celebrating RE work
As a Diocese we would like to showcase the range of RE work across all our schools and would welcome items to include in future bulletins with a brief commentary of the development or impact that has been seen during the lesson or unit of work.