SIAMS - Possible Accreditation

Accreditation schemes for schools

Working towards an accreditation scheme can be a useful way of focusing school development. I’m in no way suggesting that you go for all of these but here are a few that you might find helpful in your next steps in sustaining and developing your school’s ethos and values. 

Christian Aid and the Church of England Education Office accreditation scheme

Christian Aid has a new accreditation scheme for primary schools in partnership with the Church of England Education Office. You can register your interest for free giving you access to quite a few resources. You only pay if you decide to go for one of the three awards – bronze, silver or gold –details below.

The aim of the accreditation scheme is to help church schools inspire their pupils to make a difference in a challenging world. This links in well with ‘courageous advocacy’ as part of the new SIAMS framework (from September 2018).

It aims to:

increase knowledge and understanding about why and how Christians want to change the world to one where everyone can live life to the full, free from poverty;
increase understanding of the root causes of poverty and injustice; and,
engage and empower pupils as agents of change in the transformation of our world.

For more information visit – www.caid.org.uk/schools-accreditation 

The RE Quality Mark

Focuses on celebrating and development your school’s achievements in RE - http://reqm.org/achieving-the-award - primary and secondary

The National SMSC Quality Mark (Citizenship foundation)

SMSC is essential to the academic progress and attainment of pupils and to a school’s provision of a broad and balanced curriculum. It is not something that happens in isolation but saturates throughout the school and is linked to everything it does, its ethos and the kind of place it is. The SMSC quality mark aims to provide schools with a framework to meet their statutory responsibilities and support the academic and personal development of pupils. https://www.smscqualitymark.org.uk/how-to-apply/

http://www.globalfootprints.org/SMSCaccreditationawards - this link also points you something about smsc and global learning awards.