SIAMs Update March 2018

The Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

The denominational inspection of Church of England voluntary aided or voluntary controlled schools (or their equivalent) takes place under Section 48 of the Schools’ Inspection Act. They are conducted independently of OfSTED by denominational inspectors trained by the Church of England National Society and on the Diocesan List of Inspectors. Denominational inspections are mainly on a five year cycle but can (and do) take place earlier depending on circumstances.

I am the SIAMS manager and so I schedule the inspection and contact Chelmsford schools about when their inspection will take place. This happens no more than 5 working days before the inspection is due to take place. After contacting the school I then contact the inspector to let him/her know details. He/She then contacts the school to discuss the forthcoming inspection. This will include the people he or she will wish to meet as well as any learning walks, lesson observations, work scrutiny, etc.

Update on the new SIAMS framework (Inspection from September 2018 but in this Diocese first inspection will take place from January 2019 – see note below)

The pilot inspections for the new SIAMS framework have taken place and are being used to make final refinements to the documents which will be ready for publication sometime around Easter time.

Please note that the decision has been made that in this Diocese the first inspections under the new framework will be from January 2019. If you are expecting your SIAMS inspection in the Autumn term of 2018 please be advised that this will be delayed until either the Spring or Summer term 2019. This is to allow school’s to address the significant changes to the framework sufficiently.

Mike Dean and myself have conducted three update meetings for headteachers and a half day session on 14th March (with a repeat on 13th June) is also planned to help with the process of school improvement through SIAMS inspection. The importance of the school’s Christian/Anglican vision for education and for its service to pupils and their families is a key driver for both school improvement and for the inspection process. Your school link adviser will also obviously be only too pleased to work with you over the coming period.

Pamela Draycott - SIAMS Manager
mobile: 07806 796082 or pamela@pddconsultancy.com