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Board of Education

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The Appeals Procedure

An Appeal against the Inspection Report

Any complaint about an inspection report should be taken up by the school with the inspector concerned. If agreement cannot be found then the school should contact the SIAMS Manager, Pamela Draycott, mobile 07806 796 082 or by email who will discuss the case with the Diocesan Director of Education. If the complaint cannot be resolved at this stage then it will be referred to the Church of England National Society whose decision will be final.

There are 3 possible outcomes for any complaint regarding an inspection report:

The original findings of the inspection are upheld.
The original findings of the inspection are over-ruled and changed, not necessarily in the school’s favour.
The National Society deems that the school needs to be re-inspected.

Please see the link here for the document which outlines the National Society appeals procedure. 

A complaint against an Inspector

If a school has a complaint against or concern about the conduct of an inspector the Headteacher should inform the SIAMS manager, Pamela Draycott, mobile 07806 796 082 or by email immediately. She will discuss the concern with those involved and report to the Director of Education her findings. The Director will take a decision about whether or not to discuss the matter with the Education Team at the National Society.