The road to Easter 

Jacqui Gardner & Chris Leonard (BRF) 

Eight fully planned sessions for 5-10s from the gospel accounts.

Step into the Story 

Margaret Spivey and Anna Jean (BRF) 

Fantastic multi-sensory ideas to help explore 20 bible episodes: 10 OT (Step into the roots of Christianity, each one linked to an OT festival including Passover) and 10 NT (Step into the stories of Jesus). Each one has ideas based on sight, sound touch smell and taste and ends with Step into Prayer. This looks very worthwhile.

The Lion Storyteller Easter Book 

by Bob Hartman Pub. Lion Children's ISBN: 978-0-7459-4793-8 

Bob Hartman's latest book is a collection of 23 Stories from Palm Sunday - Pentecost. Using a variety of storytelling styles, each of these short stories is suitable for reading out loud with under 7s. 

My First Easter Sticker Book 

Pub. BRF ISBN: 978-1-84101-538-5 

In this full colour book, children can use stickers to re-create pictures as they read the stories of Holy Week and Easter. `Answer' pictures are given at the back, but it would be much better to read the story with a child and then ask `I wonder which pictures we need? I wonder where they might go?' and hold a conversation as the sticker-picture is created. 

If you're looking ahead for creative worship resources, you might be interested in these web resources http://www.lifewords.info/easter/