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In the Church of England, confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which the participation in the life of God’s people begun at baptism is confirmed by the Bishop by the laying on of hands. 

The candidates affirm for themselves the faith into which they have been baptised and their intention to live a life of responsible and committed discipleship. 

Through prayer and the laying on of hands by the Bishop, the Church asks God to give them power through the Holy Spirit to enable them to live in this way. 


Confirmation in the Church of England
The Confirmation service in the Church of England


Moving Images, Changing Lives: Exploring the Christian life and Confirmation with young people through film 

Phil Greig & Sarah Brush 

Film is one area of popular culture that isn’t afraid of exploring life’s big ideas and big questions. Even comedy or animated films often have powerful and thought provoking undercurrents. 

This resource offers a fresh approach to an introductory course on the Christian faith, by using popular films available on DVD. Ideal for use with young people exploring faith for the first time and as a confirmation course, its eleven sessions focus on: 

  • God 
  • Jesus 
  • the Holy Spirit 
  • the Bible 
  • prayer 
  • the Church 
  • communion 
  • iving the life of faith

Resource has equipment lists, ice-breaking activities, questions for reflection, prayers, film clips and Youtube links. 

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Reconnecting with Confirmation

Pete Maidment & Susie Malpedoram with Stephen Lake 

This book helps clergy, lay church leaders, youth workers and PCCs gain a deeper understanding of the origins and theology of Confirmation, and of youth culture with its needs for rites of passage. It helps churches to put Confirmation at the heart of youth discipleship and provides: 

  • A clear and comprehensive history of confirmation and its place today.
  • A holistic view of adolescence and faith/spiritual development that can inform how we approach and facilitate confirmation.
  • A practical guide to creating the best confirmation experience for young people - from preparation, to the rite itself and beyond.

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Youth Emmaeus 

Youth Emmaus is an interactive, hands-on course, designed to help young people aged between 11 and 16 to explore the basics of the Christian faith. It offers a combination of leaders' notes, handouts, cartoons and graphics, and a CD-ROM with other resources. The material is useful for youth groups or as a confirmation course for young people. 

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Thrive - Diocese of Bristol 

Sessions include;

  • Session 1: God chooses you - To explore what it means to be a disciple and that anyone can be a follower of Jesus
  • Session 2: Saint v Sinner - To unpack temptation and sin, identify other barriers that can affect our relationship with God and discover grace for ourselves
  • Session 3: I’ll be there for you - To learn how to be a better person/Christian
  • Session 4: Everybody needs good neighbours - To accept people for who they are regardless of who they are
  • Session 5: Why do I have to go to Church? - To understand why it is important to spend time together as Christians
  • Session 6: Faith = RISK! - To feel confident sharing your faith with others

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Christianity Explored 

CY Explored and the DVD ‘Soul’ contain seven interactive sessions for young people to explore what Christians believe and uncover what the Bible says about the big issues in life. 

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The Confirmation Experience 

Susan Sayers 

The Confirmation Experience has workbooks for different age groups. It takes a mentoring approach. 

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Youth Alpha 

Alpha works as a pre-confirmation course, encouraging teenagers to ask questions and discover what they really think about their faith. It can also work for confirmation preparation with the specifics of confirmation being taught additionally at the end of the course. It features small group discussion.

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Following Jesus 

James Jones (BRF) 

This is one of the few books that is suitable for Year 6 confirmation classes. This book covers 31 basic steps in Christian teaching, including: Is there a God?, Who is Jesus?, What is faith?, Christian discipleship,Christian witness, Christian worship, Prayer, Belonging to the Church, The Bible, Holy Communion, The resurrection, The Holy Spirit. 

Following Jesus has been widely used in Confirmation training, evangelism and youth groups. It encourages regular Bible reading and prayer. 

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Calling You 

Sharon Swain

This edition of the Confirmation Course provides a step-by-step guide for adults and young people to work with the clergy in creating their own, practical, Confirmation course. The aim of the book is to enable people to come into contact with the materials and events of Church life and to move a step orward on their Christian journey, to learn more about God, and all aspects of the Christian faith. 

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