Parishes and Schools working together

This is selection of ideas to help churches think through how they could work with local schools and what they could offer to develop a vibrant relationship rooted in the Gospel.

Some of the ideas have been developed with church schools in mind; many could be used or adapted for any school.

They are ideas that have been successful and are drawn from practical experience. Your churches may have better ones or be trying new things already!

For fuller details please view the document in the Downloads section.




Last year our Diocese took part in a hugely successful pilot where curates spent time in school to experience school life at all levels. The aim is to enable curates to reflect on the important part that they can play in the life of a Church School.


Due to the success last year this will be happening again in the Spring Term and I am looking for schools who are willing to host a curate for four days.  Attached is a document with more details about the placement and I would be really grateful if as many schools as possible could consider hosting a curate so that we can match curates to schools in their local area.


I would like to thank those schools who have already responded and hope to hear from more of you soon. Thank you in advance.

Lallie Godfrey – Schools Adviser