Chelmsford Diocese Education Trust (CDET)

The Chelmsford Diocese Educational Trust (CDET) is the Umbrella Trust set up by the DBE to provide a corporate body to represent it on Academy Trusts across the Diocese.

The Trust has seven Members: four DBE members, two DBE appointees and the Diocesan Director of Education.

CDET appoint a representative to attend Members' meetings of Academy Trusts each year and to undertake other responsibilities as necessary to work with all of the Academies and Free Schools in the Diocese..

As Members of the Diocesan Multi Academy Trusts (the MAT Members are CDET itself, the DDE and the Chair of the DBE) they appoint the directors of the two MATs and have oversight of the two boards and the performance of the two MATs.

CDET, The DDE and the Chair of the DBE appoint the Directors of the two Diocesan MATs and they have oversight of the performance of the schools within the MATs.

(It should not be confused with the Local Umbrella Trusts that can be formed by groups of schools to formalise their cooperative arrangements.)