AGM                                     Annual General Meeting There must be at least one meeting of the Members of an academy Trust each year. It will include the annual report and agreeing the accounts.
Appointing Foundation A charitable organisation that has the right to appoint Governors to the schools governing body most commonly the DBE and the PCC The school’s Instrument of Government will show which foundations can appoint Governors and how many Governors they can appoint. In Academy terms each Appointing Foundation has to give their permission for a school to convert to an Academy.                    
CDET             Chelmsford Diocese Educational Trust         The Umbrella Trust set up by the Chelmsford DBE to represent them as a member of the Academy Trusts (not to be confused with Local Umbrella trusts).
DBE                                 Diocesan Board of Education                     The Legally constituted organisation within the Diocese with the remit to ‘promote or assist in the promotion of education in the Diocese, being education which is consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England’ amongst other things.  The DBE determines school policy and focuses on standards, Christian distinctiveness, RE and strategic system development. DBEs are made up of a wide variety of people who have the skills, experience and interests required to run the school system on behalf of the Church.
DBF Diocesan Board of Finance The Board of Finance is a Legally constituted Corporate organisation in the Diocese that represents the unincorporated DBE where a corporate body is required e.g. as the Trustee for school land.
DDE Diocesan Director of Education The DDE leads the Education team acts as Secretary for, and reports to, the DBE and is responsible to the Diocesan Synod for Education in the Diocese.
DFC Devolved Formula Capital Capital grant for schools to be used for all capital work/expenditure and IT equipment.
DfE Department for Education  
EFA Education Funding Agency The EFA is the DfE’s delivery agency for funding and compliance. It provides revenue and capital funding for education for learners between the ages of 3 and 19, or the ages of 3 and 25 for those with learning difficulties and disabilities. It also supports the delivery of building and maintenance programmes for schools, Academies, Free Schools and sixth-form colleges
GAG General Annual Grant The GAG is made up of two parts: School core funding - by far the largest element of GAG, known as an academy’s school budget share. This will be calculated on a comparable basis to maintained schools in the same local authority. EFA makes small adjustments to reflect any reduced business rates paid by an academy as a charitable trust, and for insurance, which is paid separately in GAG. Local authority central spend equivalent grant (LACSEG) - this is additional money to cover the cost of education services that the local authority provides to its maintained schools but which academies are free to secure independently.
Governor A member of the schools governing body. In an Academy a Governor could also be called a Trustee or Director of the Academy depending on the type of Trust. A Governor MAY be a Member of the Academy Trust but most will not be.
Incumbent The Vicar or Rector of the local parish  
LA Local Authority Usually refers to the local council’s education department.
LACSEG Local authority central spend equivalent grant The cost of education services that the local authority provides to its maintained schools but which academies are free to secure independently.
LBMW Lee Bolton Monier-Williams Firm of Solicitors that handle most of the Education department’s legal requirements as well as being the Legal representatives for the National Society and therefore involved in the development of the standard documents for Church school academies
LCT Local Collaborative Trust A Trust set up to provide a formal framework for support and co-operation between schools. It is very flexible and can combine schools of all different types.
LCVAP Locally Co-ordinated Voluntary Aided Programme Capital Funding provided from the EFA through LAs for VA Schools.
LUT Local Umbrella Trust A Trust set up to provide a formal framework for support and co-operation between schools. It is very flexible and can combine schools of all different types. Very similar to an LCT but will usually have power to act if one of its members starts to fail.
MAT Multi-Academy Trust A Multi-Academy Trust is an Academy Trust that manages more than one school. The Trust receives funding from the EFA for all of its schools and then distributes it as it sees fit. Each school will have its own local governing body appointed by the Trust.
Member of Academy Trust A Member has a different role from that of a governor/ director / trustee Academy Trust Members appoint the Governors to the governing body which runs the school on its behalf and are responsible to the SoS for the standards of education in the Academy. Their role is similar to that of Shareholders.
PCC Parochial Church Council The PCC is the decision making body of the local parish and an Appointing Foundation for church schools
SoS Secretary of State Usually a reference to the Secretary of State for Education
SST Single School Trust An Academy Trust for a single school usually formed on the conversion of a good or outstanding school but could be from the conversion of a group of schools under an LCT or LUT
Trustee A person or corporate body with responsibilities for managing a trust Most Church Schools were set up with a Trust to provide the land in many cases the Trustee for this Trust will be the DBF or in most other cases the Incumbent and Churchwardens of the Parish. When a school converts to an Academy it is run by an Academy Trust. This is not the same as the existing Trust and must not be confused with it. The Academy Trust may run more than one school (see MAT)
TUPE Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment The purpose of TUPE is to protect employees if the business in which they are employed changes hands. In the case of Academies the staff will be transferring from their existing employer (the LA for VC and Foundation Schools or the Governing body for a VA school) to the Academy Trust.
VA Voluntary Aided A VA school is a Church School where the majority of Governors are appointed by Foundations. There are several differences between them and VC and Community Schools- one of the main differences being that VA schools employ their staff but the LA is the employer for VC and Community School staff
VC Voluntary Controlled A VC school is a church school run by the LA. A minority of the governors are appointed by Foundations