Buildings & Finance

This is the ‘home page’ for this part of the website and its main purpose is to guide you to the information on school buildings you are likely to need.

The areas that these pages aim to cover are;

What are the differences between Aided, Controlled, Foundation schools and Academies?

Building projects:

Responsibilities and processes for capital projects, covering how to go from the idea to the completed building. This section includes guidance notes and the appropriate paperwork. We will also be building a project gallery so please check here to see if anyone else has done something similar to what you are planning and how it worked out.


All schools need to be insured but there are differences between the types of school that need to be considered.


Where can grants be obtained and what they can be obtained for (courtesy of the Diocese of Norwich).

Church School Category and Organisation

Whilst all church schools have certain things in common e.g. trustees will own the school buildings (there are exceptions), governors control the use of school premises outside school hours, etc. there are significant differences between the four types of school.

The best source of information on the differences between the various types of schools is the Church of England 'Church schools and academies' pages.

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Building projects

Whilst building projects should follow the same basic process the funding is very different between Aided schools, Controlled and Foundation Schools and Academies so they have been split by type  to go through the process.

Aided Schools
Controlled Schools
Foundation Schools


All schools need to carry a range of insurance cover and in most cases this is provided by the Local Authority. Schools should ensure they are aware of the insurance cover they have and be comfortable that it suits their needs.

All schools must be carry public liability insurance. aided and foundation schools must carry employers liability insurance and would be advised to have legal expenses insurance.

Governors of voluntary aided schools need to be especially careful regarding the insurance cover for the buildings this can be arranged through the local authority or by the schools themselves. If the local authority is providing insurance they may provide cover for 100%, 90% or 10% of the cost depending on their approach to insuring aided schools. Schools would be advised to ensure that the remaining cost is covered.

For Academies it is more clear cut as they are responsible for the insurance themselves but they must insure that the school Trustees (not the Academy Trust Trustees) are also insured. The DfE are providing a 'Risk Pooling Scheme' which should provide a cost effective form of insurance (although not for all insurance cover needed). However checks should be made as to the appropriateness of this insurance. For further information please contact our Buildings Officers. The most important thing is to know who your insurers are and what cover you have.


There are various websites that allow subscribers to search for grants these are a good way to find some extra money but can be time consuming.