Church School Inspection

Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS)

Coronavirus and SIAMS inspections

We have been informed by Derek Holloway, national SIAMS Development manager, that all SIAMS inspections have been suspended until further notice. The implications of this decision for schools expecting inspections in the summer term and autumn terms are not clear at present. Further information will be posted on this site as and when it becomes available.

The health and well-being of all pupils and staff across the diocese is our primary concern. We are particularly grateful to those staff who are continuing to teach the children of key workers at school, and to all who are providing much appreciated support material for parents to use with their children at home.


A Church of England school is required to have a Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools - SIAMS for short. This is conducted separately from any OfSTED inspection and in line with the Church of England's Schedule by a nationally accredited ‘denominational’ inspector.  SIAMS inspection focuses on the impact of the school's Christian Vision in all areas of school life and especially on the children, young people and adults who attend it. Our schools have a variety of strategies and styles, which reflect their particular context or church tradition in order to be distinctive and effective. Inspectors will, therefore, not be looking to apply a preconceived template of what a church school should be like.  They will however, be looking for how the vision is theologically and biblically underpinned and understood as a driving force for school development.

The Schedule used for inspection from September 2018 onwards is available here. This schedule is the basis on which SIAMS judgements are made. It is important that leaders at all levels are familiar with the school’s vision underpinning and impact.

The new self-evaluation document provided by the Church of England Education Office is available here.The self-evaluation document is non-statutory but is useful for focusing attention on how the school’s Christian vision is sustained and developed.

Under the current schedule the gradings are excellent, good and requires improvement.  There is a grading of inadequate which is specified under particular circumstances. 

There is one key question which focuses on how your school’s Christian vision impacts on, directing and sustaining, all aspects of it life and work. There are then seven strands that are explored.

Key question: How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?

The seven strands are:

Strand 1                      Vision and Leadership

Strand 2                      Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills

Strand 3                      Character Development: Hope Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy

Strand 4                      Community and Living Well Together

Strand 5                      Dignity and Respect

Strand 6                      Collective Worship

Strand 7                      Religious Education


Below is a summary of the Church of England Education Office's  scheduling of Church School Inspections.

If you have any queries, please contact our SIAMS Manager, Graham Lancaster via email on

Good and Excellent SIAMS Inspection Next Window for SIAMS Inspection
Sept 13 to July 14 Sept 18 to July 19
Sept 14 to July 15 Sept 19 to July 20
Sept 15 to July 16 Sept 20 to July 21
Sept 16 to July 17 Sept 21 to July 22
Sept 17 to July 18 Sept 22 to July 23
Sept 18 to July 19 Sept 23 to July 24
Sept 19 to July 20 Sept 24 to July 25

Schools judged to require improvement or inadequate in their SIAMS inspection will usually be inspected after 3 years. New schools will normally be inspected no earlier than 2 and no later than 3 years following their opening. If a school becomes an academy it continues to be inspected on the same cycle - based on the gradings of its most recent SIAMS inspection

Also please note – the dates above are when SIAMS inspections will normally be scheduled. They can be, and are, sometimes sooner and occasionally later, than outlined above.