The Diocese promotes an approach to offering a distinctive and learning experience to pupils called ‘What if Learning’.    
We can offer support to explore and embed this in your school from two team members of staff.
The Grove Education booklet eD21 ‘Christian Values for Church Schools’  is a very helpful explanation of how to embed and extend Church Values in schools and is a helpful introduction to 'What if Learning' 

Click here to view more information about the Grove Education booklets.

For full details please contact education@chelmsford.anglican.org if you would like some support in this area or telephone 01245 294441.


Church schools are expected to promote Christian values through the experiences that it offers to all its pupils. Church schools should have a clear rationale and theological understanding of what Christian values they promote and why.

The website below provides a wealth of support material in this area and church school advisors can support schools in this area too.


Find below the link for the National Curriculum.