Grove Education

The AADE/ Grove Education Series offers and promotes Christian thinking rooted in practice for all involved in schools, colleges and churches.

‘Not the last word...but often the first.’ 

Since its launch in November 2009, the series has sold over 18,000 copies and provides training resources, food for reflection, practical tools and texts that reach a wider general audience. These booklets are a project of the Association of Anglican Directors of Education and this is the only series of publications commissioned and designed to support the work of Church of England schools. The emphasis is on promoting reflective practice and offering tools for Diocesan Education Teams to use in their work of training and support. 

Each diocese receives ten copies of each title published. Bulk orders from Grove attract a substantial discount. The booklets are affordable, quality tools for your training events, headteacher and governor support and also clergy training.

Further information and ordering see Grove Books. They are also available on Amazon, though at a higher postage cost and without bulk discount. Authors include Bishop John Pritchard, Bishop John Saxbee, Prof Trevor Cooling, Howard Worsley, Tim Elbourne, Alison Furnell, Derek Holbird, Rupert Bristow, Diane Tregale, Anthony Buckley, Jane Lewis, Adrian Brown and Ian Terry.

Can you find new ways to use these resources in your work?

Selected titles:

eD 1 Church Schools:

A Mission-Shaped Vision This booklet serves as an introduction to church schools and their place in God's mission. It argues that church schools are part of what the church is and reflects on theological models of mission and relationship.

eD 2 Churches Linking with Schools:

Research shows that churches that engage with children show signs of growth and life, and those that don't, don't. This study sets out the reasons, offers a variety of ways to engage and includes a range of resources for exploring further.

eD 3 Called to Teach: Teaching as a Mission Vocation

Recovery of a sense of missional vocation to teaching is vital. This thoughtful study sets out a way forward in seeing teaching as a positive, Christian transformative influence in society.

eD 4 Church Schools in a Multi-faith Community 

This study considers the theological issues concerning multi-faith schools and then looks at the example of three schools in contrasting situations, drawing out conclusions from examples of good practice 

eD 5 Called to Serve as a School Governor

This excellent guide explores both the practical and the missional issues and, drawing on the author's own experience and the experience of others, identifies the key elements to being an effective Christian school governor.

eD 6 Fresh Experiences of School Chaplaincy

This booklet documents some of the stories and innovative practice and approaches to ministry in schools and offers a number of models for chaplaincy and the role of a schools minister.