How can the Diocese help our governing body?

Your governing body, as a whole or as groups or individuals, may need some practical support for a number of reasons including:

  • You may have concerns about effectiveness because, for example, there are too many governors or there is shortage of skills or experience in particular areas
  • You want to develop the team and/or Christian distinctive agenda in partnership with the school’s professional senior leadership team
  • An Ofsted or SIAMS Inspection or both may be looming and you want to prepare for your involvement in the inspection process 
  • Being placed in a category by Ofsted and you need support to improve

It is preferable that governing bodies seek support even when they consider themselves effective on the basis that ‘there’s always room for improvement’.  The Diocesan Governance Consultants are available, by arrangement, to meet with the Chair of Governors and head teacher for a two hour consultation, as part of the Service Level Agreement.   Additional time may be agreed by arrangement.

What will be the outcome of a consultation?

That depends entirely on the conversation the purpose of which will be to understand any concerns, discuss the nature of governance of the school and to make suggestions as to how the governing body might be supported to undertake its role effectively.  This might include recommendations for training, ideas to help the governing body develop, and suggestions for the mentoring and personal development of individuals.

The Consultants will be able to consider an ongoing relationship with the governing body, if desirable, and provide a range of support, at an agreed cost, or point to other providers. 

You can request a consultation visit from one of our Diocesan Governance Consultants by completing the Contact Form.