Foundation Governors

The Church of England is uniquely blessed by its continuing engagement with the education of our nation. The Chair of the Church’s Education Division/National Society, Bishop John Pritchard, wrote in September 2013,  

"With nearly 5,000 Church of England schools, there is, naturally, an incredible mix of children who receive their education at our infant, junior, primary, middle, secondary schools and academies. Whatever their background, Church of England schools are there to provide a first class education, based on a commitment to draw out the full potential of each child.”

Foundation governors have a key role in addition to the responsibilities of any governor. Their key task is to secure, develop and maintain the religious character of the school, namely its Christian distinctive.  They are a vital link between both Diocese and the local Church.

The Diocese Guidelines for the nomination of Church School Foundation Governors and Nomination Forms can be found by clicking on the links below.

The School Governance Regulations update 2016

Guidelines for Nominating Foundation Governors

Foundation Governor Nomination Form