Where can I go for help on governance issues?

General information and advice for governors to help them undertake their role effectively is available from a range of national organisations each with its own terms and conditions for access and use.   Some of these organisations are listed below with links to their websites and we welcome the contribution they make to the development of governance and school improvement within the Diocese and beyond.

The Key for School Governors (A subscription service)

National Governance Association

What if my enquiry is urgent, confidential or specific to church school governance in the Diocese?

If it is felt that a conversation with our own Diocesan Team is appropriate, at least in the first instance, please call or complete the Contact Form.

Your enquiry will be referred as soon as possible to one of the Governance Consultants (Mike Simmonds or Phil Preston).   You will then receive advice either by telephone or email within approx. 48 hours of your enquiry.

Depending on the nature of the issue you raise it may be necessary to undertake some research in order to provide you with a full reply to your enquiry. In this case whichever Governance Consultant is working with you, will confirm with you a realistic final timescale.