Schools Partnership Agreement


This prospectus sets out the Partnership Agreement between the Diocese of Chelmsford and our Church Schools.

What is the Partnership Agreement?

The Partnership Agreement sets out your school’s contribution to the overall cost of providing your school with support from the Diocese together with a number of enhanced Service entitlements through the year.

What Schools Receive

Subscribing Partnership Agreement Schools can expect to see a Schools Advisor more often to support School Improvementand day to day issues; receive free places on training courses for teachers and governors and various discounts, such as preferential rates at the annual School Leaders’ Conference. These benefits are detailed in this prospectus.

We are sure it remains excellent value for money as well as expressing our commitment to each other within the family of church schools. Schools easily recoup the annual subscription cost through the services they access through the year.

We are delighted that a large majority of church schools subscribe to the Partnership Agreement each year and we aim for 100%.

Why the Diocese operates the Partnership Agreement

Diocesan Schools Teams receive no public monies. Instead, their viability rests on four sources of income: investments, contributions through diocesan budgets (ultimately from churchgoers), charities and schools themselves. The Partnership Agreement is the main way in which schools can make their contribution, whilst at the same time receiving outstanding value for money for the services they receive, it works for us both.

What if we don’t Subscribe?

In a nutshell, your school will receive less from us and the services you purchase will cost substantially more.

Dioceses have to provide some core-services to all schools regardless of whether they contribute to the collective purse. In Chelmsford this ‘core service’ includes advice and administration for many church school issues, including Governance, Premises, School Organisation and the organisation of SIAMS inspections. Our Schools Advisors keep in touch with all schools, but are able to visit and support non-subscribing schools less often.

The details of this more limited core service is also set out in this prospectus.

Revd Tim Elbourne

Diocesan Director of Education


To find out more information please download the full Schools Partnerships Agreement document.