General Resources

For more useful Resources & Ideas please contact Steve Kersys, Children's Work Advisor, or visit

Going for Growth

Going for Growth is the national strategy for children and youth, published by the Archbishop's Council.

You can download a copy here.

There are three main actions identified in the policy;

- every child having a life-enhancing encounter with Jesus Christ

- recognise and welcome the capacity of children and young people to transform the church and the world

- provide support and development for all those working with children and young people

There is a Going for Growth website created to support these main action points. You can access the website here.

What matters now

These are two publications from the US which gather together thoughts and reflections from practitioners in Children's Ministry. They are really useful and inspiring and provide invaluable information much of which translates well into our settings.

Download What Matters Now in Children's Ministry here

Download What Matters Now - Early Childhood here

Participate! A new resource to include children and young people in Church

Participate is seven-week programme designed to enable 9-14s to gain the understanding and skills needed to live out their Christian lives within the local church and wider community.

The material recognises that young people often find it difficult to establish their identity and role within the local church in the transition between being part of the children's group and settling in to a youth group. The resource provides practical guidance to help the whole church community think about their shared responsibility towards children aged 9-14 and to be involved in helping young people find their place in the church and community.

Ecumenical Messy Church

CTBI (Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) have produced a report on Ecumenical Messy Churches. Written by Lucy Moore & Jane Leadbetter, it looks at the starting, planning and running of Messy Church in an ecumenical context – there are some useful case studies to look at.

Read their report here.