Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education

Following the 1988 Education Act, when Religious Education (RE) was confirmed as a compulsory part of the curriculum, it became a statutory requirement for every Local Authority (LA) to appoint a SACRE.

Within the Diocese of Chelmsford the following Local Authorities are represented each with their own SACRE:

The local SACRE is made up of four groups which meet at least three times a year. The groups represent:

  • Group A: Christian denominations other than the Church of England and other faith or belief groups that represent the main traditions of the area;
  • Group B: the Church of England;
  • Group C: Teachers’ associations and representatives from local networks;
  • Group D: The Local Authority (County Council).

In addition, the SACRE can co-opt members who may have expertise in the area of religious education or who may represent other interested groups, if all parties are in agreement.