Requires Improvement or Ineffective as a Church School

Requires improvement or Ineffective as a Church School 

Requires improvement is a grade that can be given for the school overall, for collective worship and/or for religious education under the SIAMS schedule 2018. In rare cases a grade of ineffective can also be given (see page 17 of SIAMS schedule)

As part of our commitment to schools in the Chelmsford Diocese we outline here a protocol for any school graded ‘Requires Improvement’ or 'Ineffective' as a church school in their SIAMS inspection.

The aims are to:

  • ensure that all our schools are providing high quality education within a Christian context.
  • provide clear expectations for all schools which have been graded Satisfactory or less.
  • ensure consistency in the way that we support these schools .

The support given stands outside the Partnership Service Level Agreement.

For schools that have an overall Requires Improvement judgement:

  • An initial adviser visit, to discuss the outcome of the report and plan the school’s response to the key issues.
  • The school will be expected to record its planned actions in an ‘Action Plan’ (which may be part of the whole school improvement plan but must be clearly identifiable. A copy of the plan will be sent to their School’s Adviser.
  • At the initial meeting, a date will be set for a return visit, no more than two terms later, when the progress of the Action Plan will be discussed.
  • On receipt of the Action Plan, the adviser would point the Headteacher to any diocesan training that may support areas that are to be developed.           

Diocesan notice to improve

In the event of a school judged to be Ineffective as a Church School judgement the following procedures apply.

  • A letter will be sent to the school from the Director of Education to confirm the Inadequate/requires improvement designation and issuing a Notice to Improve.
  • An initial visit to the school will be arranged by the School’s Adviser to discuss the report and identify causes of the inadequacy and strategies to improve. A written report clarifying these will be sent by the School’s Adviser to the school, copied to the Director of Education.
  • Support will be offered by the adviser to produce an Action Plan with the Headteacher and Governing Body.  This Action Plan is to be copied to the Director and SIAMS Manager. The Action Plan should include time-scale and budget. The outline of the Action Plan should also be written into the main School Development Plan as a priority
  • The School’s Adviser will provide support to the school in securing its improvement.
  • There will be monitoring visits by the School’s Adviser to meet with the Headteacher  and Chair of Governors. Written progress update reports will be prepared by the School’s Adviser and copied to the Director.