Scheduling of a SIAMS inspection

Arrangements for Scheduling Section 48 SIAMS Inspections in Church of England schools

Scheduling - some points to note:

1.  A SIAMS inspection is not linked in any way to a school’s OfSTED inspection timing or grading

2. The scheduling of a SIAMS inspection is currently on the following basis:

          a.  This means that SIAMS inspections are scheduled independently of Ofsted section 5 inspections.

          b.  In the event of a no-notice OfSTED inspection where a SIAMS inspection is already scheduled it has been agreed with OfSTED that the two may be conducted simultaneously.  However, both he OfSTED inspection team and the SIAMS inspector must avoid                       over inspection of any particular teachers.  Feedback from both inspections must take place at the same meeting.

3. Scheduling Converting or New Academies

An existing Church of England school converting to an academy, will be scheduled for re-inspection on the same basis as non-converting schools, i.e. on the basis of the previous inspection judgement.

Where a new academy or free school opens which has a religious (Anglican) character, i.e. where it is a brand new institution where no previous Church of England school existed or where a community school converts to a Church of England Academy, the SIAMS inspection should take place after 3 years from the date of opening. Thereafter the time of inspections will fall in line with the general guidance above.

4. Notification: it is for the Diocese to schedule the inspection date. Once notification of an inspection has been given the inspection will take place within 5 working days.