Support for SIAMS

The SIAMS Schedule (2018) which forms the basis of the inspection.  It and the self-evaluation document provide useful support to schools as part of ongoing process of development as a church school as well as specifically in preparing for a SIAMS inspection. They can be downloaded  below

Download the SIAMS Schedule (2018) here.


Download the Church of England Education Office self-evaluation document

Schools do not have to use the Church of England Self Evaluation document.  However it is recommended that you do so as it is linked specifically with the schedule requirements.  If a school chooses not to use the document they must still provide the inspector with evidence of self-evaluation and progress as a church school.  The inspector will require the requested information the day after the initial telephone conversation between him/her and the headteacher/person responsible for the school on the day of notification.

The SIAMS reporting template changed in the light of the changes to the schedule. You can download a copy of the most recent report templates for both VA (and their equivalent) and VC (and their equivalent) schools. 

The Statement of Entitlement for RE in Church Schools

Download here for the Statement of Entitlement

The statement provides a basis for expectations with regards to religious education in church schools. It should be looked at carefully and its recommendations implemented in all church schools.

Questionnaires are useful to get feedback from pupils/students, parents/carers and staff about their understanding of the Christian ethos and values of the institution as well as giving different groups a voice in improving your school still further. They also provide some useful evidence to support and/or guide your judgements for your SIAMS inspection.

Short questionnaires can be conducted easily and on line using a programme such as Survey Monkey. However, be aware that most charge for analysing surveys involving a larger number of people.

Click here for a number of sample questionnaires which you may wish to adapt to suit your particular context.

Pupil questionnaire

Parent questionnaire

Staff questionnaire