SIAMS Schedule April 2018

New SIAMS Schedule

The new SIAMS Schedule can be found here

Introduction to New SIAMS framework by Pamela Draycott, SIAMS Manager

The denominational inspection of Church of England voluntary aided or voluntary controlled schools (or their equivalent) takes place under Section 48 of the Schools’ Inspection Act. They are conducted independently of OfSTED by denominational inspectors trained through the Church of England Education Office and on the Diocesan List of Inspectors. Denominational inspections are mainly on a five year cycle but can (and do) take place earlier depending on circumstances.

I am the SIAMS manager and so I organise when the inspections will take place and either contact Chelmsford schools about when their inspection will take place or arrange for one of our administrative team to do this. The notification happens no more than 5 working days before the inspection is due. I will always endeavour to speak with the headteacher/ If this is not possible due to the headteacher being out of school or unavailable for some other reason i will speak with the next availale senior leader.  After the school has been notified of  the pending inspection the allocated inspector will contact the school to discuss the forthcoming inspection.  If the headteacher is not available for this telephone conversation then the inspector will speak to the person in charge of the shool on that day or the person who leads on the school's Christian distinctiveness.  The discussion will also include the people he or she will wish to meet as well as any learning walks, lesson observations, work scrutiny, etc.

For your information

As a Church of England school, in addition to monitoring by OfSTED, we are also inspected under a system the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS). The SIAMS inspection takes place usually on a five year cycle but it can be earlier depending on circumstances.  This is a national system which is organised, for our school, through the Diocese of Chelmsford.  The SIAMS inspection is part of our ongoing process of school development and improvement.

From September 2018 there is a new SIAMS schedule in place with two significant change,  These are:

  • moving from making a judgement about the school based around four key questions to one key question, assessed under seven strands.  These strands include the school's Christian vision, collective worship and religious education.  The key question is now, 'How effective is the school's distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish', and,
  • moving from four possible judgements (Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement, Inadequate) to three - Excellent, Good and Requires Improvement.  (Please note that there are certain specified circumstances when a judgement of 'Ineffective as a Church School' can be awarded as an overall judgement.)
  • A basic summary of key changes is provided here You may wish to include this on your website or put it into a newsletter as information for parents/carers.

We will be informed of our SIAMS inspection nor more than 5 working days before it is to take place.  Once the report is published all parents/carers will be given acces to a copy.  It will also be uploaded onto our website and on the website of the Diocese of Chelmsford and the Church of England Education Office.

We expect our SIAMS inspection to take place sometime during the academic year.  In the meantime our previous SIAMS inspection under the 'old schedule' (2013 is on our website.

The new SIAMS schedule along with a suggested self-evaluation document can be found here. There is one key question linked to the impact of the school’s Christian vision and how leaders, at all levels, incorporate it into school life so that it sustains and drives forward developments as a church school. There are 7 strands (which replace the 4 questions of the ‘old’ framework).

The one key questions in the new schedule is: 

‘How effective is the school’s distinctive Christian vision, established and promoted by leadership at all levels, in enabling pupils and adults to flourish?

There are seven strands:

1. Vision and leadership

2. Wisdom, knowledge and skills

3. Character development: Hope, Aspiration and Courageous Advocacy

4. Community and Living Well Together

5. Dignity and Respect

6. Collective Worship

7. Religious Education

10 top tips for a school addressing the new SIAMS schedule as part of its school improvement process.

Please note:

Schools due for inspection in the Summer term 2018 will be inspected using the ‘old framework’ (September 2013).
In this Diocese the first inspections under the new framework (April 2018) will be from January 2019. If you are expecting your SIAMS inspection in the Autumn term of 2018 please be advised that this will be delayed until either the Spring or Summer term 2019. This is to allow schools to address these significant changes. In the longer term the cycle will return to the usual 5 year schedule.

The importance of the school’s Christian/Anglican vision for education and for its service to pupils and their families is a key driver for both school improvement and for the inspection process. Your school link adviser will also obviously be only too pleased to work with you over the coming period.