The Appeals and Complaints Procedure

An appeal against the Inspection Report

Any appeal against an inspection report should be taken up by the school with the inspector concerned. If agreement cannot be found then the school should contact the SIAMS Manager, Graham Lancaster, by email who will discuss the case with the Diocesan Director of Education if he can't resolve it. If the complaint cannot be resolved at this stage then it will be referred to the Church of England Education Office for arbitration. If the arbitration is not successful then the final decision lays with the Church of England Education Office.

There are 3 possible outcomes for any appeal regarding an inspection report:

  • The original findings of the inspection are upheld.
  • The original findings of the inspection are over-ruled and changed, but please note, not necessarily in the school’s favour.
  • The Church of England Education Office deems that the school needs to be re-inspected.

A complaint against an Inspector

If a school has a complaint against or concern about the conduct of an inspector the headteacher should inform the SIAMS manager, Graham Lancaster, by email immediately. He will discuss the concern with those involved and report to the Director of Education his findings. The complaint may be escalated to the central Church of England education team.

There are a number of possible outcomes regarding any complaint regarding an inspection. For example, the complaint is not upheld so no further action required. It is partially upheld - the inspector may be asked to review/change practice – they may be asked to go through some re-training. The complaint is upheld – depending on the severity of the complaint the inspector may be stopped from conducting any further inspections, may go through a period of retraining, have to complete an inspection or inspections under the guidance of another inspector.

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You will need to look at Appendix G for the information outlining the appeals and complaints procedure in full.