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Curate School Placement Scheme

The Education Team work closely with Mission and Ministries on a variety of projects, one of which is the Curate School Placement Scheme. This takes place annually for second year curates and is compulsory for all those on the incumbent path, but curates on other paths may also join in – and indeed have often done so with very positive results.

Some 25% of the nation’s publicly funded schools have a Church of England designation and they constitute the single largest partnership between Church and State. It is therefore likely that at some stage in ministry there will be work to be done in a Church school. It is partly for that reason that most placements will be in Church schools in the Diocese of Chelmsford.

We aim:

  • To give an understanding of the full range of school life, particularly the concerns, challenges and opportunities facing teachers, children, parents, governors and other staff members.
  • To help curates understand the distinctive role of an ordained person in contributing to a school and to stimulate theological reflection.

This placement is to enable participants to gain insights into day-to-day school life and the concerns and priorities of the people who work and are educated in schools today.

It is also intended to stimulate reflection about the part they play, or could play, in an ordained minister’s task as a local ‘mission leader’, as well as providing opportunity for ‘participant observation’, deepening understanding of the professional skills that may be required of clergy in and around a school and developing participants’ confidence.

Find out more

Contact Carrie Prior or Revd Andy Griffiths for further information about the Curate School Placement Scheme.

Grove Booklet

‘School-Shaped Ministers - Shaping a New Generation of Church Leaders’ written by Lallie Godfrey and Revd Andy Griffiths.

This booklet draws on reflection on issues in training and education, and the experience of one diocese, to demonstrate how connecting ministerial training with work in schools enriches and completes both.

eD 42 School-Shaped Ministers

Book cover of ‘School-Shaped Ministers - Shaping a New Generation of Church Leaders’