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Carbon Neutral 2030

Help us to reach our goal of Carbon Neutral by 2030.

We will shortly be launching our Carbon Neutral 2030 project within our school estate. We aim to work closely with all our Voluntary Aided and Academy Schools with an open invitation for all Voluntary Controlled schools to get involved if they are able to do so outside of any Local Authority governance.

Did you know, from just 39 Diocesan Voluntary Aided schools we have calculated circa. 1,675 Tonnes CO2e per annum, excluding school transport and pupil journeys.







Three people caring for our planet

The Education Department have partnered with Synexus Solutions Limited and UK Energy Partnerships to assist with our goals of Carbon Neutral by 2030.

We appreciate this will be a substantial challenge for all concerned and we must not underestimate the work required to reach our goals.

School Champions

We will communicate activities, plans and timelines shortly but for now we ask that each Voluntary Aided school and schools that wish to work with us to identify a School Champion for the Carbon Neutral Project. This may well be the Headteacher or another member of staff, however, we ideally would also like to identify a member of the Governing Board step forward for each school.

Please send details of your nominated representatives to BuildingsOfficers@chelmsford.anglican.org by Friday 18th April 2022 with the following information:

  • School name and address
  • Nominated School Contact
  • Contact Details – email address and telephone number
  • Nominated Governor Contact
  • Contact Details – email address and telephone number

If you have any queries, please contact our School Buildings & Organisation Officer, Peter Palmer on 01245 294439 or BuildingsOfficers@chelmsford.anglican.org