Chelmsford Diocesan
Board of Education

Diocesan Syllabus

This new Religious Education (RE) syllabus offers support for Voluntary Aided schools in the Diocese of Chelmsford.

(Voluntary Controlled Schools are required to follow their Local Agreed Syllabus for RE but may find the diocesan syllabus offers some useful additional material.)

To download the complete Diocesan RE Syllabus as a pdf please click here. Otherwise please see below for links to the relevant sections. 

Section 1 - About Religious Education And Its Place In The Curriculum

This section includes:

  • The Importance Of Religious Education
  • The Contribution Of Religious Education To The School Curriculum
  • Supporting The Aims Of The Curriculum
  • Aims For Religious Education
  • Religious Education and Every Child Matters
  • Attitudes In Religious Education
  • Learning across the curriculum: the contribution of RE
  • Religious Education And Inclusion
  • Religious Education And The Use Of Language
  • Religious education and the use of information and communication technology

Download Section 1

Section 2 - Religious Education in Church of England Schools

This section includes:

  • Religious Education In Voluntary Aided (VA) Church Of England Schools
  • Distinctive Religious Education
  • Religious Education In Church Schools Should Help Pupils To
  • Teaching About World faiths
  • The Legal Position

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Section 3 - The Diocesan Syllabus Structure

This section includes:

  • Knowledge, skills and understanding in religious education: learning about and from religion
  • Principles Underpinning The Syllabus
  • Programmes Of Study
  • The Foundation Stage and RE
  • Key stage 1
  • Key stage 2

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Section 4 - Assessment

This section includes:

  • Attainment Targets
  • Assessing Attainment at the end of a Key Stage
  • Level Descriptions

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Section 5 - Schemes of Work

This section includes:

Outline of Units
Autumn Term Units
Other Faith Units
Autumn Term Resource List
Spring Term Units
Other Faith Units
Spring Term Resource List
Summer Term Units
Other Faith Units
Summer Term Resource List
Visits and Visitors