The Lord’s Prayer - class based Collective Worship

The Chelmsford Diocesan Education Team is delighted to share with you some ideas to support your schools’ class based Collective Worship. These weekly suggestions, explore the Lord’s Prayer. Schools are encouraged to use the ideas to tailor them to their own needs. 

The Lord’s Prayer is the most repeated prayer in Christian tradition. It has been represented through song, art and signing which help us to explore it in many ways. 

The Lord’s Prayer should have a central role in our Church schools and in our school Acts of Collective Worship. In our series of suggestions, we are exploring different lines of the prayer. However, it is important that the Lord's Prayer is seen as a whole and we would encourage schools to ensure that the Lord’s Prayer is shared as a whole in each of the Acts of Worship. This will also serve to deepen the children’s familiarity with the prayer. 

Resources for schools

Our resources are free to download. 

Introduction: Introduction and background notes for teachers

Week 1: What is prayer?

Week 2: Our Father in heaven

Week 3: Hallow be Your name

Week 4: Thy Kingdom come

Week 5: Your will be done on earth as in heaven

Week 6: Give us today our daily bread

Week 7: Forgive us our sins

Week 8: As we forgive those who sin against us

Week 9: Lead us not into temptation

Week 10: Deliver us from evil

Week 11: For ever and ever. Amen.


We hope that these will be helpful to you and we welcome your feedback, suggestions or contributions at