Collective Worship

The Collective Worship in our schools should strive to be, as the SIAMS evaluation schedule asserts, the ‘heartbeat’ of a school, beating away beneath everything that goes on in school.

It is a sign of the strength and energy of the Christian identity of a school, reaffirming its Christian vision, values and ethos.  It is a time in the school day that that should be valued and special to all.

The Church of England encourages our schools to ensure that Collective Worship reflects the traditions of the Church of England and develops learners' understanding of Anglican traditions and practice. The core intention is that daily acts of worship are invitational, reflective and engaging.

Collective worship gives pupils and school staff the opportunity to:

  • Engage in an act of community.
  • Express praise and thanksgiving to God.
  • Be still and reflect.
  • Explore the big questions of life and respond to national events.
  • Foster respect and deepen spiritual awareness.
  • Reflect on the character of God and on the teachings of Christ.
  • Affirm Christian values and attitudes.
  • Share each other's joys and challenges.
  • Celebrate special times in the Christian calendar.

The resources and links shared here are designed to support you in formulating policy and developing practice.

Your school Adviser is available to offer you personalised support to suit your own school needs.


The Lord’s Prayer - class based Collective Worship
The Chelmsford Diocesan Education Team is delighted to share with you some ideas to support your schools’ class based Collective Worship. These weekly suggestions, explore the Lord’s Prayer. You can download the resources here:

The Church of England as part of its Faith at Home work in conjunction with Oak National Academy have produced some excellent resources to support worship in schools covering Christian values

The Big Start Assemblies team has made available one complete series, consisting of thirteen assemblies; all built around the specific theme entitled ‘Giants of Faith!' These assemblies will help children engage on the topic of faith whilst meeting SIAMS and Ofsted guidelines on Collective Worship. You can access these 13 free assemblies here:

iSingPOP have launched a new series of seven weekly Classroom Worship resources for the Summer Term. It follows the SIAMS Church of England’s requirements for Collective Worship and is partnered with Prayer Spaces In Schools for this resource. Each worship time involves a song, bible story and a prayer activity designed specifically for each key stage along with the Lord's Prayer: There is a free taster pack to download the free taster pack and if a school wishes to subscribe the package cost is £95 visit:

Our School: Together-Apart: The Diocese of Guildford has created these 'collective' worship ideas for this extraordinary time when the vast majority of children are doing school at home called Our School: Together-Apart. These will be added to on a weekly basis.

Fischy Music works with children in schools, churches and community settings, locally and nationally, singing, writing and listening to songs. They support adults who work with, or care for children by equipping them with musical resources and appropriate training and they provide online digital musical resources for schools and churches. They have updated their work to include:

  • Monday morning assembly on YouTube: Tune in and join us for our weekly online assemblies, 11am on Mondays at